current tv crushes

I will admit straight up that I am a reality-tv-aholic. Give me anything with a little bit of drama, a few tears, some gorgeous outfits and bright lippy and I will be there. With bells on. Curled up on my sofa, balancing a tray of cookies fruit on my lap and a bottle of wine water in my hand.

With this in mind, I thought it only fitting to introduce you to a few of my current favourite shows. Some are old, some are new, some are very American and some are very Australian! The only similarity being I love them and would recommend them to any of my girlfriends!

Mob Wives: Absolutely love this. The drama, big personalities and crime-factor fascinate me and I find myself switching this on whenever I am in need of some down time.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians: An original favourite and I am sure you know why. I love the whole family and often think of myself as a sixth, slightly less glamorous Kardashian sister!

Real Housewives of: Give me one of every series and I will stay up all night, call in sick to work and watch this back-to-back. Beverley Hills has to be my favourite - the wardrobes, houses, hair and makeup are all to die for!

The Block: Hand me a notebook and pen and I will sketch you a new living room design before the episode is over! I watch every series of this show and take notes while I am at it! This series is the ultimate show for every renovation and interior design lover out there. I never fail to get inspiration from the gorgeous styling and also happen to enjoy pondering over the drama and numerous fights!

My Kitchen Rules: If you are an enthusiastic chef then stay tuned for the next series of My Kitchen Rules, coming to Australian television very soon.

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