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With a wedding on the books and a few kilos to drop, this year I decided I needed to commit to a healthy and energetic lifestyle. This meant reducing the amount of burgers, cheese and wine I ate, and increasing the amount of exercise I did!

My problem has always been that I hate exercise and just hadn't found any form of sport that clicked with me - despite trying numerous activities such as spinning, aerobics, running, weights, group sports etc...

This was until I stumbled upon Lifestyle BOOM! An amazing little Pilates studio located in central Leederville, just around the corner from my work. With a whole host of classes on at convenient times, bright and motivating staff and a cute coffee shop around the corner, I had finally found my groove.

Although Lifestyle BOOM offers a huge variety of different classes for all fitness levels and requirements, the classes I love most are Power Pilates and HIIT. These high paced classes are so much fun and give you a full body cardio workout, aimed at strengthening the core, getting your heart pumping and pushing you to the limit. Each class is full of new exercises including boxing, push-ups on the Surfset, circuit training and stretching on the reformer machine.

Besides from raising your metabolism and aiding with weight-loss, the classes are great for providing relief from neck and back pain (something I suffer from on a regular basis) and also help me relieve all the stress and tension that I am terrible at holding onto.

I can now say I have truly found my exercise groove - I actually love going to each class and enjoy the high and exhilaration you get from a high energy workout! So good for the soul!

Your first class at Lifestyle BOOM is free ... so what are you waiting for? Jump online and sign up for a free trial today!

What exercise do you enjoy?

xx G

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