Oh how life changes. It feels like only yesterday I walked out of high school, a bright and bleary-eyed teenager who believed she could do anything and was ready to take on the world.

Fast forward to today and life is nothing like I pictured it to be all those years ago. It has been a rollercoaster full of ups and downs, although I know I am lucky as unlike so many people in this world we live in, I have encountered more ups and less downs.

So many people and friendships have flitted in and out of my life , some I have been happy to see go and some I wish I tried harder to keep.

Some days I still wish I was that carefree 17-year-old with no worries (other than which dress I was going to wear out on Saturday night) but other days I see how far I have come as a person and know I am in a better, happier, richer place than I ever was before.

I think the most important lesson for life is to be true to yourself, to do something to make yourself happy each and every day and to learn that happiness truly is contagious. True friends are rare and make the most of the positive energy you are likely to encounter when you least expect it.

Happiness to me is a warm bath on a cold evening, a vase of fresh flowers, a hug from my man after a long hard day, a smile from a stranger, coffee dates with my mum and the laughter at my family dinner table.

What makes you happy?

xx G

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