wedding planning - how to stay organised

Not long after Mr A first proposed, the questions and advice from family and friends began trickling in.
At the same time, I started subscribing to wedding blogs, purchasing magazines and organising appointments with potential suppliers.
It didn't take long for me to become a bit overwhelmed and realise I needed to get organised - pronto!
In the past four months I have learnt a lot about wedding planning and organisation so thought I would share a few easy tips and tricks with you.

1. Purchase a wedding planning folder and use it - scrupulously!
To ease the planning process I knew I needed a place where I could keep all of the magazine cut outs, advice, names, information, brochures and business cards I was collecting. My lovely fiancé bought me this Kikki-K Wedding Organiser and it has been a life-saver. It is large enough to fit thick brochures and cards, but compact enough to carry in my Michael Kors handbag and has a huge selection of customisable tabs, prompter sheets, checklists etc. I purchased a few extra tabs and file protectors and have been able to file everything from the ceremony to honeymoon (and in between).

2. Subscribe to your favourite wedding blogs and websites.
By subscribing to blogs via email or website feeds, you will save yourself so much time and have the opportunity to store all relevant and inspirational posts in the one safe place. Instead of visiting a bunch of websites daily, I have subscribed to my favourite wedding blogs through Bloglovin. Each morning I check the Bloglovin app and flick through the new posts. You can pin images straight from the app and you can even favourite anything you want to come back to. The ultimate time saver and a great digital filing system!

3. Limit your appointments and only visit vendors you really love.
I was given this advice by a friend a few months into my wedding planning journey and it has honestly made life so much easier. Visit vendors websites and social media pages to view their work, ask them to send you a quote and check forum's for vendor reviews before you make any appointments. I have fallen in love with nearly every one of the wedding vendors I met with (they are all so lovely in Perth!) and it made it so hard for me to make my final decisions. Trust your gut instinct - it is always right.

4. Make decisions and stick to them.
Make a firm decision early on regarding all the important decisions including how many guests you want to invite, where you want to have the ceremony and reception, how much you want to spend on what, who you want in your bridal party etc. It is important to spend a bit of time deciding on these logistics so you get everything right the first time around. These big decisions will inform all of the smaller decisions and can be used to prioritise your budget.

5. Enjoy!
Most importantly, enjoy the wedding planning process - it is meant to be the happiest time of your life after all!!

xx G

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