house update

Happy Monday and hope you all had a great weekend!

I spent my days unpacking boxes at our new house and my nights cuddled up in bed with Netflix, a cup of tea, chocolate, lots of tissues and cold and flu tablets (I've had a bad flu for over a week now and can't seem to shake it off).

So I thought I would check in today with an extremely belated house update post. I am so excited that the time has finally come and we are in the midst of moving into our lovely brand new home. I honestly though this day would never come - seriously, the house was supposed to be finished last October so you can understand why I was a little sceptical. Although I don't think anyone can go through a build these days without delays and a few (small) issues!

The one positive of this is that I had some more time to collect bits and pieces for our home and we've ended up with a great collection of kitchen appliances, homewares, cushions and other soft furnishings (my sisters say way too many)!

So part one of our new home adventure included unpacking our kitchen and starting on our lounge area.

Our kitchen - including my beautiful Delonghi kettle, Kitchen Aid mixer, Nespresso coffee machine and Thermomix peeking out in the corner!! We took the Nespresso machine and kettle for a test-run and loved them.

Our very empty (and not finished) lounge area - we are still waiting on the delivery of all our electrical appliances and the rest of our furniture but I couldn't help setting up our lounges and TV unit. It will look a thousand times better after I have styled everything up - the best is yet to come! FYI - the black Italian leather lounge suite was chosen by my lovely fiancé, who found the lounges for a great price and fell in love. I had my heart set on some soft white/beige lounges but unfortunately didn't win that battle! While this lounge suite definitely wouldn't be my first choice - I have to admit it is super comfortable and I think I might be able to pretty it up with a few Moroccan pouffes, cushions and soft throws.

I'll be back soon with more house/styling updates!!

xx G

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