a weakness for wallpaper

I have a soft spot for beautiful wallpaper - it can inject so much life and colour into an otherwise plain room!

When I stumbled across the new Caitlin Wilson wallpaper range last week I decided it must be shared with all of my lovely readers. It is perhaps the most stunning wallpaper I've laid my eyes on - the range is gorgeous and has something for everyone!

If you are a fan of Caitlin Wilson's pillows, fabrics and rugs you are in luck as the wallpaper uses many of the same patterns and has the same pretty, preppy design aesthetic.

I love the stunning combination of magenta
and gold - this would be perfect for a bedroom
or formal living area!

So classic - this art deco print would work
anywhere but would be particularly stunning
in a dining room

Love the combination of blush, mint and navy

This navy spot pattern would look great
against Hampton style furniture with palm 
green and gold accents!

So pretty and feminine - I would use this to decorate
a baby girl's nursery or play room

While I may not be adventurous enough to try any wallpaper in my own home at the moment, I just love all of the above designs and hope that one day I will have enough courage to take the plunge and deck out a wall in gorgeous patterned paper!

What is your favourite design? I love the first pattern!

xx G

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