entertaining with beautiful table settings

I just love beautiful and well thought out table settings. Last night we had some friends over for dinner and I couldn't wait to set up our new table with a gorgeous tablecloth, chic placemats, funky napkins and candlesticks!

Unfortunately I didn't take any photos, but thought I would share a mood board of the table below.

Pineapple napkins from The Brown Trading Co, candlesticks from homewares shop in Seminyak (Bali), big red wine glasses from Wheel & Barrow, vase from Lovestar Designs, similar tablecloth from Spotlight and similar placemats from Kmart

I also love all of the following stunning table settings found on The Decorista's website. A girl can never have too many colourful tablecloths, flowers and candles!



My top tips for styling a gorgeous table setting are ...
  1. Start with your tablecloth as a base and let the rest of the table stem from that. In other words, if you are going to use a colourful or patterned tablecloth you may want to finish off the table with neutral tones and metallic accents whereas if you are using a neutral tablecloth or a bare table then you will want to add lots of bright pops of colour and fun accent pieces.
  2. Don't be afraid to pattern clash - whoever said stripes and spots don't work well together is clearly lacking imagination!
  3. Flowers are essential and add that all-important element of natural and fresh simplicity to a table.
  4. Plates are made to be layered - matching or mismatching, it doesn't matter!
  5. Accessorise with beautiful glasses. For a sophisticated dinner function I love crystal and glass and for a brunch or casual afternoon tea I tend to go for china and pretty tea cups.
  6. Pay attention to your cutlery and napkins - they finish off a table and can leave a lasting impression.
  7. Make sure your table setting works well with the space it is in. It's important to ensure your space flows well and the colours and patterns on your table aren't fighting with the colours and patterns in your living space. This can really make or break the table so pay attention to the vibe of the room and create a space that has a positive energy and feels great for your guests!
That's it for today and I promise I will start being a better blogger and taking more photos to share with you from now on.

Have a great Thursday, I will speak to you all tomorrow.

xx G

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