mixing metals?

Today's post is all about mixing metals.

Or more specifically, mixing metals in one single zone. I'm currently doing up our hallway (which has a rather weird square shaped nook) and I would really value your opinion on whether you think it's OK to mix metals in the same space.

I've purchased three small side tables, which I'm hoping will fit into our little nook perfectly, but now need some artwork or perhaps a mirror on the wall, along with accessories to dress my tables.

The problem is, I already have a stack of white, gold and black art prints sitting at home and I need somewhere to hang them. I was thinking of combining my rose gold tables, with gold accessories and prints. But is this too much? Does it clash? I am so indecisive and need help ASAP!

I've done up a little mood board below of the look I am going for. In my opinion, one can never go wrong with white, black and pink. I'm lucky my fiancé isn't scared of the colour as it is everywhere in our house!

Top row L-R: Peonies, LOVE print from Made by Girl, small gold rhino statue from The Home
Middle row L-R: Stack of books, Chanel art print from A Cup of Chic, Love Actually quote print from Laura Hooper Calligraphy, Rose gold side tables from Baker & Shuhandler and The Interiors Addict, hot pink candlestick from Hard to Find.

So what do you think? Can I mix rose gold and yellow gold? Or does it clash?

Any comments are appreciated.


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