friday fancies

It's finally Friday and to celebrate, today I fancy ...

MAC Candy Yum Yum lipstick - a girl
can never have too many pink lippies and
I've been lusting after this colour for awhile now
 These lovely native flowers from The Little Posy Co

These amazing Valentino Rock Studs - I have wanted
a pair of these nude pumps (size 5.5 if anyone is asking!) 
for months but unfortunately there is no spare room in my budget
at the moment for a $1000 pair of shoes haha. A girl can dream!

While I'm on the topic of dreaming, this beautiful beige sabbia 
are more drool-worthy items I hope to own one day
This pretty wedding band by Henri Daussi - it's time
for me to start thinking about ordering a wedding band
and when I came across this one earlier in the week
it was exactly how I envisioned mine to look like.
Pretty, sparkly and classic!
And to round things off, this burger by the Short Order
Burger Company - if you are ever in Perth
on a Thursday-Saturday and want to sample
the best burger ever you must try this!
It's my favourite takeout.
That's it for today everyone! Hope you have a very good weekend full of all the important things - sunshine, laughter, good food, wine, kisses, hugs and lots of love.
xx G

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