happy birthday to me

If you didn't already know ... it's my birthday today!!

So far my day has consisted of waking up to a lovely breakfast cooked by Matt, opening presents (including my favourite bath products by Lush, a scented candle and a day spa pamper package which I am already dying to use) and a morning coffee before heading to work for the day. I also enjoyed lunch at my favourite cafe with some work friends and tonight I am having dinner with my family and then heading home for cake and cups of tea! Such a perfect day!

I also wanted to take today to thank all of my readers for following me - I recently passed 1000 page views and while this is a very tiny landmark compared to most of the established blogs out there it made me so happy to know that my readers have been enjoying the little space on the Internet I have created.

I'm off now to keep basking in my birthday glory and make use of the last hours I have to enjoy this day!


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