master bedroom styling

Hello! Today I wanted to share with you a few details from my master bedroom, which is finally starting to come together!

I love interior styling and because I can never seem to make up my mind, I tend to spend more on good quality neutral furniture and less on all the little, colourful styling details. So far this has worked for me and I feel like I could easily change the colour palette in any of the rooms in my house without spending too much! Perfect for someone with a fickle mind like me.

So for my master bedroom I have decided to go with crisp white sheets with pops of bright chartreuse green, muted coral and pink. Perfect for the coming Spring and Summer months.

Below are a few pictures of the choices I have made. I have also added a few copper accents in the form of jewellery dishes, a framed print and my lamps but still need to source some faux flowers for the bedside tables (my fiance has allergies and hates when I use real flowers in the bedroom) and a few knick knacks to liven up the space. Eventually, I'd also love to find a beautiful rug to finish off the room, although I always find it hard committing to rugs as they are so expensive if you want something that is semi-good quality.

Cushions and throw rug from ShopInside, brand Kas Australia

Bed linen from Adairs

I will share pictures of my bedroom when I have finished styling it and I know I am also way overdue for that home tour I have been promising you. I just have a few finishing touches to make to most of the spaces in my home and don't want you seeing anything unfinished!

As always, I would love to hear from you including any feedback on colours, potential knick knacks I could purchase and other ideas on how I can finish styling my bedroom... Also interested in hearing your thoughts on the neutral verse colourful bedroom. I do think the bedroom should be a sanctuary that you want to retreat to at the end of the night (crisp white sheets definitely help with this) but at the same time I love how colour can brighten up your mood and make you happy.

Hope you are all having a very happy Tuesday. Mine hasn't been great - I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning and have been feeling tired and run down all morning. I've also just received some sad news about a colleague which has been a wake up call and reminder to live life in the now.

Kisses and hugs, G xx

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