weekend wonders

The weekends seem to be flying by lately, with Monday's approaching way too soon for my liking. Come Monday, when I am back in the thick of my routine, working full time and attending to all of the usual household chores I seem to find myself reflecting on the weekend just gone.

I haven't been feeling the best (usual change of weather runny nose and sore throat) so this weekend was a combination of relaxed outings and time at home to cook, clean and rest. Some of my weekend highlights included a tapas dinner in Fremantle, a Sunday morning breakfast date, baking this delicious Donna Hay lemon and yoghurt cake, purchasing fresh flowers from a new local deli, shopping for new vases and finishing this book off while I enjoyed a Saturday afternoon bath.

I had a long list of household chores (scrubbing bathroom tiles, sorting out the clutter under the stairs, two hours worth of ironing etc) which I failed to complete but I think I needed and deserved a weekend to potter around at my own pace and rest slightly more than usual.

Donna Hay Lemon and Yoghurt cake - so easy to make and 
turned out perfectly moist and delicious (even when I accidently 
overcooked it). The verdict was that it tasted great too!

Loving ranunculus flowers at the moment. Also happy with my 
three most recent vase purchases - the brown glass one is from  
Freedom and the pink china one from Adairs. See last image for my 
third vase purchase from Blu Peter Homewares.

Delicious breakfast from Alder & Co (George St, East Fremantle). 
Matt persuaded me to try something different so I ordered the pumpkin 
waffles with beetroot relish and poached eggs - it was delicious!

Bathtime is my favourite time of the day - never 
complete without a good book or magazine and some 
sort of sweet-smelling treat from Lush.

There you have it - my weekend highlights in four pretty pictures. How was your weekend? What were your highlights?

xx G

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