a spring beauty and lifestyle refresher

There is nothing better than a life-refresh to reflect the change in season! After coming across this post from Nikki at Styling You I have decided to devote some time over the next few weeks to a Spring refresh - in particular updating my makeup and skincare collection and pampering/grooming myself.

First on my list is to treat myself to some new makeup for Spring. There was once a time when I was a massive beauty junkie and 50% of each pay would go towards the latest and greatest makeup and skincare. After I realised how much damage this addiction was doing to my bank account I managed to cut back and started working my way through my collection! Now, almost two years after I kicked that habit in the butt my makeup collection is looking quite sparse so I am excited to fill in the gaps. Some new dewy foundation is on the cards, along with a bronzer and maybe a bright lippy or two.

As you can see from the photos above my skin is looking a little blah - hopefully some new makeup will give me back my glow! On that note, the mascara I am holding in the bottom left picture is my absolute favourite - such a natural looking mascara but also buildable for a heavier evening look! Lipsticks clockwise from top left are MAC New York Apple, Chanel Romance, MAC Rebel and MAC Creme Cup.

I've heard from a few people that the Givenchy Photo Perfexion fluid foundation is great so I have just ordered a bottle and will give it a go! I still need to decide on a bronzer/highlighter duo so I'm planning on hitting the shops this weekend to seek some advice.

After my makeup is sorted I think I will treat myself to a spa pedicure, facial and massage. My massage addiction is another bad habit I need to dissolve!

I've already ticked off hair cut and eyebrow grooming, but I think I'd like to add a touch of soft balyage to the ends of my hair and I'd also love to get a smoothing treatment to make my long thick locks slightly more manageable.

What's on your Spring refresh list? Can you recommend any other great foundations or lipsticks?

xx G

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