farewell coffee

Unfortunately the time has come for me to say goodbye to coffee.

Myself and coffee havent got along for awhile now but up until today I had chosen to ignore this fact and indulge myself every day. I guess you could say I was addicted to coffee and was happy to remain oblivious to all the pain it was causing me so I could get my morning coffee hit and power through the day.

 A few of my many coffee-selfies!

Well the time has come for me to stop .... so I wanted to write this post as a little farewell to coffee, and a reminder to myself to stick to this and give up coffee for good.

You see, coffee has been making me sick for many years. It has never quite agreed with me and no matter how many varieties I have tried (full cream, skinny, soy, decaf...) it has continued to cause me pain and is obviously just one of those things my body doesnt agree with. I think there comes a point when you have to start listening to your body and so from today forward I have decided to quit my coffee habit once and for all.

Of course I believe in doing everything in moderation, and so as the weeks go on I hope to be able to have the occasional cappucino and affogato, but as for my everyday habit, that has got to stop. To help me on this journey I have armed myself with plenty of herbal teas and my favourite low-cal hot chocolate. Fingers crossed I don't have too many caffeine withdrawal headaches or this may be one tough week.

Wish me luck everyone!


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