friday fancies

A day of pampering. I actually have a day spa voucher that my 
wonderful fiance gave me for my birthday but I'm saving it for a 
quiet weekend where I can make the most of it and enjoy a full day 
and night of relaxation and bliss. The next day spa I want to try is the 
beautiful Onyesha spa in Marginiup, WA. After coming across this  
post from House Nerd a few months ago I haven't been able to 
get the gorgeous scenery out of my mind. 

These replica ghost chairs from Matt Blatt are so stylish 
and would look great against a white or dark wooden dining 
table. If/when we move house and I have a bigger living area 
I can picture these around a large round dining table - so 
modern and chic.

I am loving this quilt from the new Rebecca Judd Loves 
collection at Adairs. I'm not usually a fan of block colours 
in the bedroom (more a pop of colour here and there) but this 
minty green goodness has me head over heels in love.

After seeing these on a few of my favourite blogs (Tied With a Bouw 
and Honey & Fizz) I may have sneakily purchased these cute bathroom signs 
from Etsy seller Mooza. Imagine my surprise when they arrived on my 
doorstep only a few days later! Usually Etsy is renowned for the long-lead 
times, so I was very happy with this fast turnaround! I'll take a picture once I 
have put them up on our guest bathroom door.

I love the whole Shaynna Blaze collection of art from Urban Road Canvas' but in particular, these gorgeous raspberry coloured jars caught my eye. I can think of a few different places they would work in my home and they are really so affordable. I love purchasing art from Urban Road as it is a one-stop-shop, meaning you choose the size of art and can then get it framed straight away and delivered to your home in less than a week!

This summer safari cushion from Children of the Tribe is gorgeous. I've been wanting to add a pop of leopard print to my living area for quite some time now but haven't had the courage to go ahead and order anything yet. I think a purchase will be made in the very near future as these cushions are so cheap and affordable ... and are exactly what I have been looking for!

Christmas pic from Lisa Marinovich's blog! Love her style.

Lastly, I fancy some time off this Saturday afternoon to get on top of all my housework while playing my favourite music and burning a scented candle. For a true homebody like me, there is nothing better! Although a little birdy told me that Christmas decorations have started to appear in the department stores so I may have to make a pit-stop to my local Myer & DJs this weekend to see what all the talk is about. I love Christmas more than anything (well nearly anything) and the lead up to the festive season is one of my favourite times. Here's to lots of cookie baking, tree decorating and present-wrapping in the next few months! Have a very merry weekend and I will see you all soon.

xx G

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