weekend updates

Welcome back and hope you all had a great weekend.

Today's post is a quick weekend recap - full of places to eat (as usual) and a few things to do (circus entertainment and movies included)!

Friday night we enjoyed dinner at Lalla Rookhs - a gorgeous restaurant/bar in the Perth CBD. As usual I ordered the vegetarian pasta option and it was delicious! We then headed out to see Cirque de Soleil's Totem with friends and it was amazing. I would highly reccomend it and think it is one of the best Cirque de Soleil's I have ever seen. I would also reccomend Lalla Rookh's for a dinner catch up or date night. The menu was delicious and I will be heading back there shortly to try out some of the other dishes.

Saturday morning I met my sister for a quick soy chai latte at my new favourite cafe - Coco Belle's in Ardross. If you are planning on heading to Coco Belle's anytime soon I would reccomend booking or coming in early - the place packs out and it's sometimes hard to find a seat! After coffee I headed to the gym for a relaxing stretch and flex pilates class, made a Target pit-stop to pick up some cushions (and came home with a few extra bits and pieces including the rose gold planter bag and marble geo canister above from Lisa-T for Target), grabbed sushi for lunch and came home to watch the big game. After a fun afternoon of housework we met my other sister and her boyfriend for double-date night consisting of dinner at Short Order Burger Company and watching Straight Outta Compton at the cinema. I can't speak highly enough of Short Order burgers - I know I have already mentioned it countless times but they are seriously the best burgers I have ever tasted and I just can't get enough. I've been told they are better than Shake Shack and In'n'Out.

Matt and I had to attend a full day wedding course on Sunday so we had a pretty busy day. Of course we had time to fit in bacon and eggs for breakfast at BadaBing Cafe and after we got home I also baked these delicious blueberry muffins. For dinner we ate at Matt's parents house - my favourite eggplant pasta was on the menu, along with roast chicken and salad.

There you have it - my weekend in pictures and food haha! You can tell I'm a foodie at heart!

How was your weekend? Do you know of any other great places to eat at in Perth?

xx G

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