dear diary ...

Dear Louis,

I still don't know whether now is the right time to talk about this but I feel like I need to get it out so I can start healing. Last week, we purchased you - our beautiful teddy bear pomeranian puppy. My fiance and I had been looking for you for so long and out of the blue, you became available. You were so gorgeous, tiny, fluffy, cuddly and truly the most adorable puppy we had ever seen. We fell in love at first sight and took you home the next day. Four days later, we had to bring your beautiful little soul back to the place we purchased you from. You weren't sleeping properly, eating properly and you were stressing every time we left the house, or even just left you alone to walk out the room. Both my fiance and I work long hours and you just couldn't handle being alone for long when we left the house. Not knowing what to do, we called your original owners and spoke to them about it for a long time. We were so angry we had not been told that a dog of your size and nature needed someone home with you for majority of the day. The place we purchased you from had not given us a very good briefing and I still can't get over how upset that makes me. Knowing that my poor little puppy was stressing and that this was something we could have prevented (by making sure you went to a different family who did not work and could dedicate more time during the day) makes me so angry.

All I can do about it now is pray that my little Louis is happier now with people around you all day and that you go to a great family who take the best care of you, love you as much as we did and treasure every moment with you.

I won't ever forget you and it is so hard not hearing your cute little murmurs and not being able to come home and cuddle you for hours but I know it is for the best. I enjoyed you and will keep enjoying and treasuring your memories and you are a part of me that will remain forever. These last two days without you have been so empty, but hopefully in time I learn to just enjoy the times I did have with you and remember that you are happier and better off, even if I am not.

Love you Louis xx

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