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I am absolutely loving IKEA at the moment! Each year they release trendier furniture and homewares items but fortunately retain their small price tag.  While I'm not hooked on a lot of the mass produced larger items of IKEA furniture, I do love some of their smaller pieces and they can't be beat when it comes to well-priced and well-made storage.

In keeping with my theory that you don't have to spend a lot to have a beautiful, organised home ... today I thought I would share with you a few of my recent IKEA purchases and how I plan to personalise them to suit my style.

Under-the-staircase storage
We have a massive storage space underneath our staircase which was previously being used as a bit of a dumping ground for gym bags, files and other clutter.

To make the most of this space we picked up the Kallax Shelving Unit and Omar Wine Rack. It is amazing what a difference these two items of furniture have made to this space - it just looks SO much bigger and more organised and I no longer feel sick when I open up the door! I love the size of the Omar Wine Rack - it fits in the smaller part of our stairs perfectly and stores 24 bottles of wine.

Spare bedroom / reading room
We are currently in the process of turning one of the empty bedrooms downstairs into a reading room and spare bedroom. So far we have fitted this space out with a sofa bed and side table and eventually it will also include the Vittsjo Shelving Unit (used as a bookcase), a funky floor lamp and some bold artwork. As I mentioned in a previous post, Matt is going to spray paint the bookcase gold and I can't wait to style it with some books, photos and brass decor pieces.

We have a small study upstairs which is also being used as my beauty room. Considering the room is fairly small and being used for two purposes we wanted furniture in there that wouldn't look too heavy but would still work well. Matt was adamant on getting a desk that had a fair amount of storage and was heavy and sturdy looking. Going against everything that I wanted in a desk (something lighter, smaller and prettier) we ended up compromising on the White Malm Desk. The things you do to keep your other half happy haha! In saying this, I don't actually mind the look of this desk and once I'm finished "prettifying it" I'm sure I will be a lot happier.

For my makeup storage space we decided on the Hemnes Dressing Table in the same colour as the desk.
I clearly love my white - you can't beat a good neutral! Especially when paired with lots of gold and pops of colour! Stay tuned for another post where I will show you how everything looks in their spaces.

xx G

What's your favourite IKEA item? 
 Are there any other reasonably-priced homewares stores you love?

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