relaxation essentials

After a crazy-busy weekend (more on that tomorrow), I desperately need to schedule in a few hours for myself to relax, unwind and destress.

If you don't know me well you might not know that I get stressed very easily - it's just my personality. After many years of not understanding how to cope with this stress, I think I've finally nailed it and it's literally as easy as me-time.

So today I thought I would share with you my winning formula and favourite anti-stress products ...

1. Fresh flowers and a tidy house
First on the list, and most important is fresh flowers. Purchasing a bunch of pretty blooms instantly brightens my day and puts a smile on my face. Flowers also make my home look nicer and encourage me to tidy up clutter and mess, in turn taking away stress (as we all know there is nothing that stresses me out more than having a messy home).

2. Scented candles
My favourite scents are clean, fresh ones that make my home smell like a day spa, although I am also a fan of sweet-smelling, fruity candles for Summer and more intense, woody candles for Winter. At the moment I am using up the last of my Marshmellow Fireside candle from Yankee Candles which smells just like marshmellows burning in a campfire. I also love Glasshouse and Ecoya candles - both brands give off a good amount of fragrance and are housed in gorgeous reusable vessels.

3. Sushi and green tea
When I am feeling stressed out and overwhelmed the last thing I feel like doing is cooking. Woolworths in Australia have a great fresh sushi bar so on these occasions I treat myself to a takeaway dinner of rice paper rolls or vegetarian sushi. When I get home I put on a relaxing iTunes playlist, make myself a cup of green tea and enjoy my sushi in front of the TV. Which brings me to ...

4. Trashy reality shows
I'm sure you all know by now that I am a big fan of trashy reality television. Give me anything from The Desperate Housewives of Beverley Hills, to the Kardashians, to The Bachelor or even Giuliana and Bill and I will be hooked. Watching these shows takes my mind off everything that is stressing me out and gives me a much-needed break.

5. Bubble bath
A few times a week I like to run a bubble bath and escape to my bathroom for an hour of complete relaxation. Sometimes I will bring in a book and catch up on a few chapters, other times I will flick through blogs and social media and occasionally I will just relax with nothing to do but meditate. While I'm relaxing in the bath I like to pour in some aromatherapy oils or bath salts. Dusk do beautiful oils, but my favourite bath product would have to be Radox Muscle Soak Bath Salts which you can buy from supermarkets and pharmacies. Stress obviously increases muscle tension and headaches so these salts counteract this and help loosen any tight muscles. I also love indulging in a Lush bath bomb every now and again - my favourite is the Tisty Tosty bath bomb and The Comforter bubble bar.

 6. PJs, slippers and a to-do list
After I've completed all of the above steps I like to put on my most comfortable pyjamas and slippers and work my way through a few things on my to-do list. I know it sounds crazy and for some people, this is the last thing that would make them feel LESS stressed, but for me it definitely helps ease my stress levels and makes me feel like I've actually accomplished something. Sometimes it's as simple as putting away papers and receipts, sending some pending emails or ironing a few shirts.

7. Bedtime routine
Finally, when it's time for bed I like to take my time going through my whole bedtime routine. Sometimes I'll also put on a ten minute face mask, straighten my hair so it's ready for the next day and paint my toenails.

xx G

How do you stay stress-free? What bath products are your favourite?


  1. I am all about the bubble baths!

    1. Nothing beats a good bubble bath. Thanks for stopping by! xx