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Happy Friday my loves! With the weather heating up and Summer on the cards I thought I'd update you all with a 'current crushes' post.


Nutella: I've really been into baking lately and of course nothing beats a good nutella recipe. In the past few weeks I've tried nutella brownies, choc chip and nutella cookie sandwiches (recipe here) and banana and nutella crepes. The combination of nutella and banana is seriously yummy - I'm thinking a milkshake might be on the cards next?!

Fruit: Summer fruits have officially hit the shops here in Perth and I am loving it! My favourite's are mangoes, strawberries, watermelon and pineapple, either in a smoothie for breakfast or as dessert on a hot Summer's night.


Jane the Virgin: I've only watched the first two episodes in this relatively new TV series but I'm already hooked. As the title explains, the show is about a virgin named Jane who is acidentally artificially inseminated during a routine checkup. As crazy as the plotline sounds, it really is just a cute easy to watch storyline with a bit of drama, romance and some great morals and life lessons thrown in. 

Gilmore Girls: I didn't manage to catch the last few seasons when they aired many years ago so I feel it is only right to go back from the beginning and watch everything in its correct order. Here's to a few months worth of Lorelai and Rory goodness!!!


Wedding: With my wedding fast approaching (only two months to go!) my recent purchases have been largely wedding focused. I just ordered a really cute sign for my pageboy to carry down the aisle and this weekend I'm on a mission to help Matt find the perfect suit for our big day.

Christmas: The rest of my money has been spent on absolutely necessary Christmas purchases including rose gold cookie cutters from Kitchen Warehouse, a beautiful (and bargain) wreath from Target, a door hanger from David Jones, fun wrapping paper from Typo, beautiful decorations from Myer, Kmart, Adairs and Big W and lots of knick knacks from little gift shops. Christmas is my favourite time of the year and decorating my house for the holiday season makes me so happy! Which leads me to ...


I am pledging this year to do blogmas, where I will post a blog a day in the lead up to Christmas starting on Tuesday, 1 December! Comment below if you have a blog and are participating in blogmas this year, I'd love to check it out!

Have a great weekend!

xx G

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