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I'm currently on day one of a juice cleanse and let me tell you ... my body has gone into shock and all I can think about is food. Contrary to the advice I have received from everyone else, I have found looking at pictures of food to be quite healing! It's reminding me of better days and some amazing experiences.

You see, on a regular day I am quite the foodie. Matt and I love nothing more than trying out a delicious new restaurant or picking up some decadent takeaway. So I thought I would start a new regular feature on the blog where I share some of my favourite meals from the past few months.

Cuban Eggs Benedict from Coco Cubano, Joondalup
Breakfast would have to be my favourite meal of the day and this pulled pork and bacon benedict was mind blowingly good. The pulled pork had an amazing smoky flavour and the poached eggs were cooked to perfection. The benedict sauce was also really lovely, not too creamy or buttery, quite fresh and lemony even. If you're ever in the Joondalup area I'd definitely reccomend stopping here!

Pumpkin and Fetta Waffles from Alder & Co, East Fremantle
I was a bit skeptical before I tried this due to the crazy flavour combinations but rest assured, they all went together perfectly and I need to learn to trust the chef. The beetroot relish tasted great and I loved the sprinkling of dukkah over the poached eggs, which really tied everything together and finished off the dish. 

Smoked Salmon Bagel from High Bench Espresso, West Perth
This cute little cafe is my regular coffee and lunch pit stop, conveniently located five minutes down the road from work. High Bench always nail their food presentation, even their takeaway boxes are presented beautifully with fruit garnishes. I love a good smoked salmon bagel and this certainly didn't disappoint. The salmon is fresh and combined with a dill mayo, fresh tomato, rocket and pickles, the dish really shines.

Rare Beef Salad from Gordon Street Garage, West Perth
Beef, walnut, rocket, parmesan and caramelised onion. Need I say any more? If you haven't yet, you must get down to Gordon Street Garage for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They have an amazing selection of salads, pizzas, pastas and breakfast items and their coffee is also great quality. 

BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger from Short Order Burger Co, Fremantle
This burger is the best thing I have tasted. Ever! After hearing rave reviews from friends and family who had sampled the burgers from Short Order Burger Company I decided I better get my ass down their quick! Located within walking distance from where I live, this little burger shop (tucked away inside The Mantle) is something everyone must try in their lifetime. The premium grass fed burger patties are combined with brioche buns, smoked mozarella, american cheddar, maple candied bacon, caramelised onion, bbq sauce and mayo to create an explosion of flavours. If I could eat these for the rest of my life I would die a very happy girl!!!

There you have it, my first Perth foodie hot list. All photos taken are my own and for more of my foodie adventures make sure you follow me on Instagram @gablaramartelli.

xx G

What are some of your favourite Perth eats?

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