meet my bridal party

So you've already met most of my lovely wedding vendors and by now you should know all about myself, but what about my bridal party?

Today I thought I would introduce you to my gorgeous sisters, cousin and cousin-in-law, who make up the world's best bridal party!

First there's Lauren, my little sister and the middle child ... she is an accountant so is great with her money (I should really take some advice from her as I am the complete opposite) and loves music, coffee and travelling the world!

Second off the list is Claudia, my youngest sister and the baby of the family ... she is more like me and is terrible with her money, is the odd one out in the family with blonde hair and blue eyes, works at Wittner so has a great shoe collection and also loves coffee, but food more!

Third is Andrea, my gorgeous cousin ... she lives in the UK and has since developed a very strong British accent haha, always hard to get past whenever I see her. She used to be a beautician but now works in the gym and loves staying fit and healthy, wearing christmas sweaters and eating lots of hummus!

Last is Bianca, Matt's beautiful little cousin and our junior bridesmaid very sweet and loveable girl.

There you have it ... my beautiful bridal party! Less than two month's to go until they will accompany me down the aisle. So scary!!

xx G

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