blogmas day nineteen ... wrap in style

I started wrapping all my Christmas presents a few days ago and was instantly reminded just how much I love pretty paper and ribbon.

I like to put extra effort into wrapping - I really feel like it is appreciated and makes your gift just that bit more special.

This year I am going for a gold, blue and white theme to match my Christmas decor. So far I've chosen a few rolls of pretty gold foiled paper in different patterns from Ikea and a some cute aqua blue and light pink paper from Typo.

Last year I made pretty handmade bows (so easy - read this tutorial from Tied With a Bouw for more information) but this year I think I will stick to ribbon. wahi tape and twine.

If you are stuck for Christmas wrapping inspiration head on over to Little Paper Lane's blog for lots of great ideas. I've copied my favourite pictures below!


Do you love wrapping just as much as me? What colours are you wrapping with this year?

xx G

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