blogmas day ten ... life's little moments

I'm not going to lie, it's been hard keeping up with blogmas while planning a wedding and remaining CRAZY busy at work, so today I thought I would share with you a little of what I've been up to lately...

Arranging flowers for my bridal shower ... in a past life I swear I must have been a florist as floral arranging is one of my favourite past times. I can't go past a combination of pink, white and cream flowers - perfect for a Spring brunch event!

Finishing my Christmas decorating ... although I don't really think I will ever be done with decorating. I love the holiday season too much to stop. Every time I hit the shops I seem to come home with a sneaky ornament (or two) to add to the tree!

Enjoying the last few weeks at work ... which have been surprisingly crazy! December is usually a quiet month in the world of PR but this year I have been much busier than usual, which will just make me enjoy every last minute of my Christmas break even more. 

Waiting in the lobby of our jeweller's to pick up our wedding bands!!!!! This was so exciting and at the same time absolutely scary. Just over six weeks to go now. 

I ditched my regular Thursday morning pilates class to meet my lovely mumma for a coffee at this new cafe which opened up just down the road from me. I love the quaint decor and the coffee/fruit toast was pretty good too! Is it just me, or is there no better feeling than starting the day off slowly with a nice cup of coffee and a long relaxing chat with a loved one?

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a trashy romance novel. My all time favourite reads are seasonal romances set in the beautiful city of New York. I seem to be reading this book super slowly, but only because there are so many other distractions pulling me away this time of year. I'm craving a night in sometime soon so I can relax on the couch with this book and a nice cup of tea.

Speaking of tea, I'm so in love with this mug I picked up a few weeks ago. Not only does it sport a beautiful gold foil effect but it also reads my favourite quote "she believed she could so she did".

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xx G


  1. Love love love your tree! Six weeks is nothing, how exciting.