blogmas day two ... santa baby

Welcome to Blogmas day two!! Today I will be sharing with you my favourite Christmas music ... perfect for filling your house with soothing melodies while you are baking delicious treats, decorating the Christmas tree, doing a Spring clean, or if you are me .... any time you are home alone!!!

It's no secret that I love Christmas, but if you need a little help in the festive spirit department, just crank up any of the following albums / songs and the grinch inside you will be gone in no time.

Probably my alltime favourite album, Michael Buble's Christmas is one for the old, young and everyone in-between. Serving up all your Christmas classics with a few new tunes it is easy to see why this is Buble's best selling album.

Mariah Carey's Merry Christmas probably already graces your holiday playlist as it is a true Christmas classic. Perfect for singing along to while you are tidying the house or in the car on the way to work!

Kylie Minogue's Christmas is the new kid on the block and I absolutely love it. This album is filled with great Christmas tunes that will make you want to stand up and dance!

Justin Bieber's Under the Misteltoe is another of my all-time favourite Christmas albums. I've been a belieber since this album came out - it is just so catchy. I like to listen to this one while I'm having a long relaxing bath, with a good christmas romance novel haha!

Santa Tell Me by Ariana Grande, Wrapped in Red by Kelly Clarkson and the 8 Days of Christmas by Destiny's Child are all great christmas singles which will have you pressing repeat day in, day out!

Happy downloading friends (or purchase the free two-month apple music subscription which is amazing, trust me)!

xx G


  1. Some great Xmas tunes there! I admit I put the Maria Carey CD on playlist every Xmas and it always gets me into the Xmas spirit (just don't tell anyone I said that!)

    1. Who can resist some good old Mariah Carey haha!!! xx