the big day

So my wedding day is finally here and amongst all the craziness (and the super early wake up call) I just wanted to quickly check in and let everyone know I am so greatful for their love and support over the past year since I started diaries of a bride. 

To be totally honest I'm actually feeling quite calm this morning - I'm sure that's a good sign for everything that's yet to come and I'm just so excited to finally walk down that aisle to my true love. 

Have a great weekend everyone, I'm hoping to be back in between the wedding and honeymoon to share a few photos but if not, thanks again and love, hugs and kisses to you all. 



  1. Have an absolutely wonderful day! You've put in so much planning and now is the time to enjoy it all, I bet you will look stunning too. Can't wait to see photos :)

  2. The view at this place was amazing. This event was in the evening so it’s really a site to see when the sun sets. Just beautiful wedding venues! If you are planning your wedding here, don't worry too much about how to make it look even more beautiful.

  3. The level of service at I got with these guys was above and beyond so I felt inspired to write about them. The florist was absolutely lovely and kind. I had an idea of what I wanted in Bouquets that she listened to and quickly got on the same page of.