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Happy Monday everyone! Hope you all had beautiful weekends.

Today I'm a little bit nervous but a lot excited to share with you some news ... I have officially started up my own wedding and party styling business called "The Wife Stylist".

To my family and friends it will come as no surprise given how much I love planning parties, making mood boards, baking cakes and designing flower arrangements! It gives me so much joy and is a business I hope to be able to nurture and establish into something much bigger eventually.

But for now, I am quite happy to start up slowly and steadily. I realise starting a business is no small feat and I want to do things properly so I'm going to ease into things gently, and be kind on myself at the same time.

To start with, I'm not going to corner myself into any niche part of the styling business. I want to do it all - the flower arranging, cake baking, late night DIY-ing, mood-board creating, floor plan designing and on the day set up's/pack down's. The focus of my business will be on weddings and wedding-related parties, however I also LOVE styling kid's birthday parties and catering for canape style get together's.

So ladies and gentlemen, if you have an event coming up that you need some help with, please let me know! I'd love to help out in any way I can and I promise I'm very budget-friendly.

xx G

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  1. What a perfect business venture for you, you do it so well, and having your blog for customers to come to for inspiration and to see your style is a great idea too. I wish you all the best! x