updates to our bedroom

I hope everyone is having a great week! I'm just so happy that it's almost the weekend. Unfortunately there will be no relaxing for me again this weekend, although it's absolutely fine with me considering I have some amazing plans including dinner for my wonderful mama's birthday on Friday night, a close friend's wedding on Saturday and a full day of cleaning and organising my house on Sunday (broken up by a quick trip to our local Farmer's Market in the morning and dinner at our favourite Chinese restaurant for my grandma-in-law's birthday)!

Today I wanted to share with you our updated Master Bedroom (see my first post here). After coming back from wedding and honeymoon leave I had a few days off to get my house in order. Instead of doing the boring jobs like ironing and scrubbing our bathroom, I decided to take a quick trip to Kmart and redecorate ... on a budget of course. 

If you have all of the basics sorted (make sure you invest in neutral good quality furniture, flooring, curtains and bedding) then it's so easy to change up the styling of your home on a tiny budget. This is perfect if you like to keep up with all the latest trends or if you just want to change up your home seasonally. 

If you find yourself lacking inspiration and you don't know where to start, I'd recommend starting with one item and branching everything out from there. My inspiration from this look came from my aqua Moroccan Pouffe and the pink/aqua tribal print cushion. From there I decided to use black, white and rose gold as my neutrals and aqua as my accent colour (with a splash of pink). You could also use a piece of artwork as inspiration, or a quilt cover. 

Tribal print cushion from a local boutique, similar from Kas Australia ($59.95)
Moroccan pouffe from MoroccanPouffe.com ($85)
White faux fur rug from Kmart ($19)
Armchair from IKEA ($199)
Rose gold photo frames from Kmart ($12)
White marble vase from Kmart ($19)
Quilt cover from Adairs ($149.95)
Leopard print scarf (used as a throw) from Kmart ($7)
Black metallic cushions from Kmart ($12)
Green cushions are old from Typo, similar from Adairs ($39.95)
Rose cold cushion from Adairs ($69.95)
Prints from Papyrus ($14.95)

I only purchased five new items for this redo - including the black cushions, leopard print scarf, rose gold photo frames, faux fur rug and marble vase. The rest of the items I had lying around in other parts of the house. By swapping out cushions in between your living room, kids rooms and master bedroom you can totally change the look of your house. If you don't have any spare cushions lying around, Kmart and Target always have gorgeous printed cushions at such reasonable prices. 

What did you use as inspiration for your master bedroom? Do you have a favourite colour you tend to lean towards when styling your home?

xx G


  1. Your bedroom looks great. Love the rose gold frames, in fact I love rose gold everything!

    1. Thanks so much Michelle - me too, I can't get enough of rose gold!

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