five tips to get through that mid-week slump!

One ... get up early and squeeze in your favourite workout, pilates class or walk. Your body and mind will thank you for it later when you breeze through the day with more energy and happy endorphins!

Two ... splurge on a barista coffee or fresh juice and a breakfast treat after your workout.

Three ... stop in at your local gourmet supermarket on your way home from work/uni/school-run and pick up a bunch of fresh flowers for your home. Y'all know how much I love fresh flowers, they instantly brighten my day and force me to clean up my kitchen bench top!

Four ... cook your favourite recipe for dinner. Homemade burgers anyone?

Five ... spend time on a relaxing bedtime ritual. For me this involves a popping on a face mask and relaxing in a warm bubble bath, catching up on YouTube and SnapChat videos, making myself (or asking my husband to make me) a cup of tea and watching an episode of whatever TV I'm currently loving (Prison Break at the moment).

There you have it ... five ways to make hump day that little bit more special!

xx G

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