what I love most about being married

*Our Sunday morning ritual of walking to the local farmer's market for coffee and fresh produce
*Brunch dates where I know he will always order scrambled eggs and bacon with an orange juice (he is so predictable which is kind of cute)
*Cooking together with music playing in the background
*Impromptu date nights and spending some much-needed time out together, just us
*Early morning chats all warm and cosy under the covers while the rain is falling outside
*Driving to work or the gym together (and fighting over which radio station we are going to listen too haha)
*Baking his favourite treats or surprising him with ice cream ... he has such a sweet tooth
*Having a husband who is always willing to help out with the housework, however mundane the job is
*Knowing that when I am tired or sick, he will look after me ... and most importantly,
*Having my best friend right next to me, always

What do you love most about your significant other?

xx G

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  1. So sweet! I am loving being a newlywed too. My favourite thing is to cook together while enjoying a bottle of wine and chatting away about our day, life, and everything in between! x