dreaming of a beautiful outdoor space

Our expanded patio area has just been installed and plans for the rest of our backyard and front yard are finally taking place!

We live on a long, narrow lot, so to make the best use of space we sacrificed a backyard for a bigger house. This means we have ended up with a pretty small area outside consisting of a patio and a small courtyard to the side. We will be decking the courtyard and border around our patio and plan to install a few fun features - maybe a pizza oven, fire pit or an inbuilt corner bench?

I love greenery, but we just don't have the space to put any grass out the back so I am thinking we will add a few potted plants and a big vertical garden to balance everything.

I also love fairy lights .. how beautiful are the gardens below! 

What are your favourite elements of an outdoor space?

xx G


  1. How exciting! Lots of great ideas, I think a vertical garden and some pot plants will add lots of greenery. You could even use a strip of artificial turf as a big runner/door mat on your deck to add some greenery, my friends did this coming out of their glass sliding doors and it looks great. I would love a pizza oven :)

  2. Hi Gabrielle ! I'm so glad i found your blog, it's lovely :) looking forward to reading more about your life as a newlywed xx Lauren