the little things

Being married to my husband is the sweetest ... he surprises me and makes me smile every single day.

Sometimes it's something as simple as washing the dishes after a long, hard day in the office and other days it's coming home from work with an after-dinner treat that he knows I will love.

It's often the little things in our relationship that make it so special.

Here's a few ideas to help you ignite that spark again and make your better half smile tonight!

  • Let them sleep in an extra half an hour in the morning and have their breakfast and lunch ready to go so they don't run late
  • Pick up a sweet treat for them on your way home from work or better yet, bake them something delicious
  • Plan a night in, put on some good tunes and cook dinner together
  • Turn your phones off for an hour and have a solid hour of good conversation with each other
  • Clean up the dishes so they can sit down on the couch and relax if they have had a tough day at work
  • Cancel all your plans, get takeaway and watch a movie together
  • Have a beautiful bunch of flowers, cupcakes or chocolate delivered to their work

What are some of the little things you do for your loved one?

Much love, G xx

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  1. The little things end up being the big things right ? I love to get up early on a weekend before my husband & whilst he's having a shower (and so he cant smell them cooking) i make pancakes ! I always make sure to have his favorite toppings ready to go ! I love feeling like i've kicked his weekend off in the best way ! I also like to put sneaky love notes in his lunch xx