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This Friday I am going crazy over baby-products! After setting foot into a baby store for the first time, I was completely overwhelmed and spent many hours hunched over my computer researching the best prams and baby seats, whether or not to get a capsule, cribs and other decor items. It was a bit overwhelming but when you are spending so much money, it definitely pays to do your research and make sure the baby products you choose suit your lifestyle and needs.

Bugaboo Cameleon 3 - first up and perhaps the most important purchase is the pram. My number one pick is this bugaboo stroller as it is light, easy to manoeuvre, easy to fold up and then re-set up, adaptable to suit a range of capsules, has plenty of storage and a good canopy (important with the Australian sun and the fact our baby will be born right in the heat of Summer) and looks lovely too.

Nuna Pipa Capsule - after reading many reviews and advice about whether or not to purchase a capsule, I've decided I definitely want one. The fact I won't have to wake my baby up each time I am moving them in and out of the car to the pram or even just inside, is a big bonus to me. I also think the baby will feel much more secure and safer in the capsule - I just can't imagine putting my newborn baby straight into a car seat. Even though the capsules are only meant to last six months, I have heard that many people stretch them out to last up to nine months or even a year sometimes (plus it can be kept for baby number two)!

Zoli Buzz B Baby Nail Trimmer - this electric nail filer is much safer than biting your baby's fingernails and is a great way to keep your newborn from scratching their faces and hurting themselves.

Baby Studio Body Pillow - I have a love hate relationship with this pillow right now! It's great for making me sleep on my side and also helps me get comfortable however means I can't toss and turn during the night or I end up with a sore neck. I think as my pregnancy progresses and I get bigger it will become more of a necessity to use this. It's also great for watching TV or reading a book in bed.

Wraps - I'm absolutely loving the variety of wraps available at Kmart. They have such a good range of muslin, soft cotton and jersey wraps in gender specific or neutrals. If I have a baby girl I will be buying this cute set - I love the flamingo and polka dot prints!

Do you have any baby product buying tips? Any advice would be much appreciated.

xx G

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