letters to our babe #1

Hello lovely readers :) I hope you understand that my blog may be taking a slightly different direction from now on. I am so excited to be pregnant and experiencing this wonderful time in my life that it would be silly not to share what is important to me now. I got the idea for today's post from a few of my other favourite mummy bloggers and thought it was such a sweet way to document parts of my pregnancy and something special to share with Baby Azzollini in years to come!

Thursday, 5 May

To my gorgeous little baby,
Today your mum and dad found out we were pregnant with you. We were so excited - your daddy was so cute and sent your mummy a big bouquet of flowers at work with a little card that read "Yay!". We had been wanting you for what seems like forever and the thought of you makes us giddy with anticipation. I went to the doctors today and had a blood test - probably what is the first of many more to come over the next nine months. Let's just say I don't look forward to that part, but you're definitely worth it. Love and kisses, xxx

Sunday, 8 May

Dear bub, 
At just five weeks pregnant, I am already starting to feel you inside me. I know it's not technically possible to feel you move yet (given you are as small as an orange seed), but I can definitely feel your presence. You are making your mama sick and tired. Oh so tired. But it's all worth it, because in another 35 weeks I get to hug you for the first time. I can't wait for that day! Today was Mother's Day and your daddy bought me some Oreo's and a cute card. The Oreo's are really for you .. you are making me so hungry. Your nanna also bought me a Mother's Day present - a bracelet for me and a book and blankie for you! I can't wait for you to meet your nanna's. You are already so loved xxx

Tuesday, 20 May

To my precious baby,
Pregnancy insomnia has officially started. I was lying in bed this morning after waking up at 4am and my mind couldn't help but wander to you. You consume most of my thoughts these days and I love it. What I don't love is all these hormones you are giving me. Last night I cried during an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. That's when I knew the HCG hormone was starting to ramp up! You're worth it though, even if everyone else thinks your mama is a crazy woman. Mwa, x

Wednesday, 15 June

Your mama seem to have done a complete 360 degree turn because now she can't get enough sleep AND has completely lost her appetite (apart from potatoes, they are the only thing I want to eat at the moment)! I went out for breakfast on the weekend and couldn't stomach more than one bite full of food. And not because I felt nauseous, just because I felt so full. I think you must be growing and consuming all the space in my stomach. You are worth it :), kisses and hugs, x

Saturday, 2 July

Hello gorgeous,
Yesterday we got to see you again and it bought tears to your mama's eyes. Seeing your precious little hands, nose and kicking legs made everything I have been feeling over the past three months worth it. I can't wait to meet you my little one, you are already so special to me. Last night we told all our family that you would be coming into our lives and they are so excited and also can't wait to meet you. Hope you always remember how very loved you are, xxxx

Monday, 11 July

Dear beautiful babe, 
You are starting to share your energy supply with me and I am very grateful. For a few weeks I was nearly falling asleep at my desk, and seriously considering escaping to the carpark during lunch for a quick snooze! Thank you for sharing gorgeous, you have made your mama feel so much better. On another note, last night I dreamt about snuggling with you and reading you a book. I have stashed away a few books for you and I am so excited to pull them out and read to you every night before I put you to sleep. You are so precious, x

xx G

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