bump update ... 17 weeks

It's been almost a month since my last blog post, which proves how crazy life has been lately. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love being pregnant, but it is hard to devote any time to the blog when I am working full time and trying to keep on top of seemingly neverending household duties and social commitments, all while I am so exhausted every day that I just want to sleep! 

It's a definite struggle and I am slowly learning that I have to start saying no more often, and listening to my body.

How do all you other full-time working pregnant ladies (or second time mums with other kids to look after) cope?? I think we deserve medals.  

Relaxing by the pool at Crown Metropol in Melbourne with my bump!

How far along? 17 weeks. 

Size of baby: The size of a perfect pear.

Maternity clothes? Yes - I can not fit into my regular pants anymore so I am living in my maternity jeans and leggings. Also loving the basic maternity tops from H&M and need to invest in a few more stretchy dresses to pair with blazers/cardigans for work. 

Sleep: Sleep is becoming harder - I just can't get comfortable when it comes time to sleep at night. Although if I find the time to nap on a weekend during the day then I always seem to fall asleep so easily ... always the way isn't it!

Best moment this week: Feeling our bubba move / hiccup - it is so precious and just makes me want to freeze time and live in that moment for the rest of the day.

Miss anything? My normal clothes and having more energy. 

Movement: Yes! I felt our baby hiccup last week and it was amazing. I could actually feel the vibrations when I touched my stomach. Other than that, I am sure I have felt flutters of movement, although given this is my first it is hard to know exactly what I should be feeling. I can't wait until my husband can start to feel the baby move as well. 

Food cravings: Food full stop! We recently spent a week in Melbourne where we shopped, relaxed and ate. I have definitely gained my appetite back and need to eat regularly now or I start to feel a bit light headed and nauseous. 

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Still not interested in eating meat - I much prefer simple veggies and carbs.

Gender: Still guessing a boy ... although we won't be finding out so I will have to wait another 23 weeks to find out.

Labor signs: No.

Symptoms: I still can't complain as on the whole, I am feeling wonderful and so lucky to be pregnant. As I mentioned before, the baby is sucking ALL of the energy out of me, so come 3 o'clock I am ready to snooze at my desk. Sometimes I don't even manage to cook dinner when I get home, I literally just want to head straight to bed and sleep. I thought the lack of energy might improve as I entered my second trimester, but it really hasn't. If I had it my way I would go straight back to bed after breakfast and could probably sleep right through to dinner time!!

Belly button in or out? In, although it's starting to feel a little stretched!

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Happy or moody most of the time: Moody! My poor husband has been copping the brunt of my moodiness, I completely blame it on pregnant hormones. I am happy most of the time, but can snap so easily (probably my lack of energy) and also seem to find myself tearing up all the time. Lately I have been crying during episodes of Gilmore Girls, while listening to breakfast radio and while watching commercials on TV haha.

Looking forward to: The halfway mark - we have our 20 week scan coming up and I can't wait to see our beautiful bebe on the screen again. It's always such a joy seeing all the movement and listening to the heartbeat. Not to mention a relief finding out everything is OK.

Nursery: So much progress has been made!!! I have picked out a gender neutral colour scheme, started buying knick knacks and can't wait to make my big purchases (cot and change table) so I can set everything up. I also went to spotlight on the weekend and picked out some gorgeous fabrics so my lovely mum can make me the baby a quilt.

Workouts: I took a break from Pilates while I was on holiday and haven't quite got back into it yet. I am hoping to start back up next week and might even head to the gym and renew my membership so I can do a few yoga classes and walk on the treadmill while my husband does his workouts. 

xx G

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