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Life has been crazy busy lately, although when is it not? I thought I would take the chance to do a quick 'life lately' post with a few photos showing you what has been going on for me over the past month or so.

Unfortunately I fell down a flight of stairs a few weeks ago, which was a really scary experience (being pregnant makes it a hundred times worse). Thankfully the baby is absolutely perfect and I came out the other side just a little battered and bruised. I did fall on my back though, which was good as it meant the baby was more protected, however I now have severe back pain through my mid-back, neck and shoulders. This has really forced me to slow down and take life at a much more leisurely pace - a good reminder for everyone out there to stop and smell the roses. Since the fall, I have become a bit of a homebody ... enjoying long baths, baking, early nights watching Friday Night Lights and weekends spent getting the house ready for the baby.

I also celebrated a win with the football team my husband coaches winning their grand final! It was a great game and I am so proud of my hubby for the work he does for his football club. He devotes so much time and energy to the club, and all of the boys he coaches and he truly deserved the win.

Hubby and I did a barbecue cooking class at Matters of Taste which was SO MUCH FUN! It was a really great night and we learnt to make a barbecued-vegetable, chorizo and haloumi salad; cornbread; ribs; spiced grilled pineapple and coconut granitas! I am now so motivated to get in the kitchen and start cooking more.

The start of Spring means lovely weather and weekend brunch dates. This month was my first time ever trying a "freakshake". I shared this one with Matt and while it was delicious, it was definitely a special occasion drink and to be perfectly honest ... a meal on it's own!

Apart from my fall, pregnancy has been treating me pretty well. I am still quite fatigued but managing it fine with lots of naps and just taking things easier than usual. Donuts are a definite weakness ... I picked up this box for my colleagues on the way to work the other day and they were gone in a matter of minutes! If anyone wants the most delicious fresh, hot cinnamon donuts then go to Joe's Bakery in West Perth - no one does them better.

I have been having fun collecting bits and pieces for the nursery, including some cute books and toys. How gorgeous is this doll from Little Peach Handmade - the perfect gender neutral toy!

And how precious does our beautiful babe look in this 3D ultrasound picture. I love how it's little hand is on it's head all curled up inside me. This was taken at our 19-week anatomy scan and I wont lie .. I may have shed a tear or two seeing our bubba on the big screen again. I just can't wait to meet you!

I've also started noticing the Christmas sections being installed in all of my favourite department stores. I know most people HATE how early Christmas is marketed these days, however I'm one of the crazy ones that love it. The atmosphere at shopping centres around Christmas time is so amazing ... I love strolling through all of the pretty displays, smelling the Christmas cookies and hearing carols playing. Bring it on I say!

That's all from me for now but I'd love to hear what you have been up to?

xx G

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  1. How scary about your fall! You poor thing take care of yourself and good to hear bub is doing well x