bump update ... 29 weeks

I can finally say I have made it to the third trimester and everything is starting to feel very real and very exciting! My baby shower is just a few weeks away, our maternity photos soon after and we have booked in all of our birthing/breastfeeding classes! This baby is definitely ruling our lives already and I am in full on nesting mode, cleaning and sorting through every inch of the house (albeit slowly because I'm #pregnantandlarge)!

How far along? 29 weeks. 

Size of baby: As big as a butternut pumpkin! I can definitely feel this ... everything hurts and there is SO.MUCH.PRESSURE already. We had a scan the other day and the ultrasound technician told us our baby was sitting as low as it possibly could be, using my lower body as a hammock to lie across, which isnt as cute as it sounds haha!

Maternity clothes? Living in stretchy dresses, t-shirts and leggings. In saying this, I have bought a few special dresses for my baby shower and maternity photo shoot ... so here's hoping they still fit me!

Sleep: Still struggling to sleep comfortably and waking up at the crack of dawn every day. I've also had a cold the past week which has kept me up even later with all the coughing/sneezing/blowing nose antics. On that note, how bad is it having a cold while you are pregnant? It is amplified because you can't take any cold/flu medication and your energy levels are already low. If anyone has any tips on how they got through a cold while they were pregnant I'd love to hear. 

Best moment this week: Seeing our cutie in 3D - I was so emotional seeing our babe's gorgeous face, features and movements on camera, one of the most special feelings I have ever encountered. Also feeling regular movements and kicks makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. 

Our gorgeous babe in 3D - unfortunately it didnt want to coorporate and had its feet tucked up in front of its face haha! Can you spot the cute feet and toes?

Miss anything? Still missing my energy. Would love it to come back just in time for my maternity leave so I can finish ticking off all the jobs I need to get done! As I mentioned above, I am nesting like crazy, yet I always seem to lose my energy half way through a task so it takes me ages to actually finish a job. 

Movement: All the time. I love feeling bub move around, sometimes it literally does a 360 degree turn and I can see my bump change shape. 

Food cravings: If anything, I am less hungry than I was at the beginning of my pregnancy and I havent felt any strange cravings take place. The only thing I am really craving is water ... I drink so much of it now and have to have a water bottle on me at all times or I feel so dehydrated.

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Still feel sick when I am cooking meat or chicken but other than that, no queasiness. 

Gender: Only 11 weeks to go until we find out although I am secretly #teampink.

Labor signs: Still too early.

Symptoms: Just the usual tiredness, back pain and swelling. I have also been congested throughout the last month although I'm not sure if that is down to allergies or pregnancy. 

Belly button in or out? In but not for much longer by the looks of things!

Wedding rings on or off? Off.

Happy or moody most of the time: Can I be both at the same time?! I am happy and elated that I am pregnant and have a healthy baby growing inside of me (it's amazing what our bodies can do isn't it fellow mamas) yet I am definitely experiencing mood swings and my emotions have been all over the place! I'm blaming it on pregnancy hormones, although I think it's quite common to feel crappy at times during pregnancy. My body is changing so much and all the extra weight I am carrying around is taking its toll on me. A cup of raspberry leaf tea and a long warm bath seems to fix the moods though!

Relaxing with the bump and reading a good book ... I end up doing this most afternoon's

Nesting ... nothing makes me happier than a clean and tidy house and fresh flowers

Looking forward to: The next three months! First on the list is my baby shower, then my maternity photos and finally maternity leave. I can't wait to dress up and have fun with all my friends and family at the baby shower and also can't wait to spend a day in the sun with my hubby taking photos to remember this pregnancy by. In the end though, I really can't wait for maternity leave because that means Christmas is right around the corner, which also means we get to meet our little one soon after. So many exciting times ahead. 

Nursery: I have finally picked out all of the big ticket items and can't wait to set everything up! First on the list is getting my hubby to install the wall decals and bookshelf so I can set up my nursing/reading corner. Can't wait to share more with you soon!

Workouts: Still trying to get to one pilates class a week and also go for a few walks, although now the weather is much nicer I would like to start walking every day. 

xx G

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