I know I probably sound like a broken record because I am always saying this ... but time is seriously flying by!

Now that I only have two weeks left until my baby shower, four weeks until my maternity photos and five weeks until I am on maternity leave (so soon!) I am really starting to think about the future, and how this little bubba growing inside of me will change everything.

And while I am more than eager for my baby to arrive so we can start enjoying life on a whole different level, I want to make sure I am making the most of the time I have left with Matt, just me and him, as husband and wife.

So I've made a quick list of things I want to accomplish (relationship wise) before our little miracle is earthside.

  • Be indulgent and have two date nights every week
  • Watch every good movie at the cinema! 
  • Continue our Sunday morning ritual of walking down to our local farmers market and spending quality time together outside
  • Go for a walk every single day 
  • Enjoy the warm weather and visit the beach often
  • Spend lazy Summer days reading, cooking and listening to music
  • Prepare Christmas Eve dinner together
  • Spend time enjoying lots of Christmas traditions including visits to beautiful Christmas lights, nights at the Christmas markets in the city, shopping at all the gorgeous Christmas shops, Christmas baking and our Christmas eve movie 
  • Be more present and enjoy each other's company on weeknights, even after the stress of a long day at work
I think factoring in quality time is so important to a marriage, and is definitely something I will be continuing to do even after bubs makes its entrance to the world. 

Have you made any relationship goals lately? 

xx G

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