bugaboo vs joolz vs redsbaby stroller review

Choosing a stroller/pram as a first time mama-to-be was one of the things I deliberated over the most. The first time I ventured into a baby shop I was completely overwhelmed by the range of prams available ... there were SO many options. However, I had done my research and knowing that I wanted to splurge on a high quality pram helped me narrow down the search to a few brands, namely Joolz and Bugaboo. I know both of these brands are on the higher end of the price spectrum, so may not suit everyone's budget but we had decided very early on that the pram was something we didn't want to compromise on so price was not a worry. If you are looking for a higher end pram, then chances are you have also considered these brands so I thought I would do up a quick review with the pros and cons to help you make your choice (it helped us choose ours in the end)!

Bugaboo Cameleon

I have always loved the design of the Bugaboo Cameleon3. I'm sure most of you have heard of Bugaboo stroller's - they are famous all over the world and if you are a big Sex and the City fan, then you would have noticed that this was the pram Miranda used in the second movie. The Cameleon is the most popular Bugaboo stroller and is their original design. What drew me to this pram was how easy it was to use and how light it felt in my hands.

  • Cheaper price point than other high end stroller's (you can purchase this for around $1,300 on sale at most baby shops).
  • Stylish colour choices - I love how you can purchase this in so many neutral colours like off white, sand and grey or more gender specific/bright colours like light pink, baby blue and bright red! They also do regular collaborations with designers and you can purchase different seat colours to change up the look without having to buy a whole new pram. 
  • Decent sized shopper basket. 
  • Foam filled rubber tyres - this appealed to me as I hate the thought of getting a flat tyre while I am out and about with bubs and ending up stranded miles away from home! 
  • Reversible seat - so bub can face you until it is old enough to want to turn around and watch the world go by.
  • Comes with a bassinet and normal seat frame - you have to purchase the bassinet separately with lots of other high end brands, whereas the Bugaboo comes with both options included in the set price. This means you can adapt the pram so it suits a newborn right up to a small child (weighing 17kg).
  • Light and easy to manoeuvre - out of all the prams I tried, this was one of the easiest to move around and the lightest - weighing in at 9.6kg including the seat.
  • Hood - the hood in the Bugaboo expands so far, meaning it is really secure for bub and protects them from weather extremities. I love the thought of having an inbuilt wide hood as it means you don't have to always have pram clips and wraps on you, and it also means bub gets some fresh air, but is mostly protected from the sun at the same time. 
  • Seat doesn't recline very far back - I really wanted a seat that reclined quite far back so my baby could sleep easily even when it was too big to lie in the bassinet. I found the Bugaboo seat to only recline a few notches back, meaning your baby would have to be quite upright while it was sleeping which looked very uncomfortable to me.
  • You have to take the seat off to fold up the pram - I understand having to take the bassinet off to fold up the pram, but when your baby is older and you are using the pram as a stroller, the Bugaboo still requires you to remove the seat before you can fold it up and put it in your car. This was one of the things that really put me off the Bugaboo as I am a smaller build I didn't want to have to worry about lugging two pieces of pram in and out of my car boot all the time. We also have a medium sized car which means it would be quite awkward to fit two pieces of pram into our boot and wouldn't leave much room in there for anything else. 
  • Width - this pram is 59cm unfolded, which is wider compared to the Redsbaby (but smaller than the Joolz). 
  • Doesn't give you the option of transforming the pram into a double stroller (the Joolz and Redsbaby both have this option). This was probably the biggest factor that put me off the Bugaboo. Given that we want to have children quite close together in age, I really wanted to purchase a pram that could later be transformed into a double. Bugaboo does have a double model called the Donkey, however the seats in the Donkey are side by side meaning it is really wide and much harder to move through small spaces at cafes and shopping centres. This was so important to us as we love to go out to cafes and being shorter means that I need to be able to manoeuvre a pram around easily on sidewalks and at shopping centres. 
  • Originally, I had my heart set on buying the Bugaboo Cameleon3 but after reviewing the pros and cons, I realised that sadly, it just wasn't for me. 
  • If you are only planning on having one child, and you have lots of room in your car boot then I would definitely recommend this stroller as it is so stylish, light and easy to use.
Joolz has a reputation for being one of the most sophisticated prams on the market. This pram can be expanded and adapted in several ways to suit lots of different families and is so stylish and good-looking! I absolutely loved this pram when I first spotted it at the baby shop and can see how this is one of the most popular option's at the top end of the pram market. 

  • The storage basket - this was my very favourite feature of the pram! It comes with a removable XL shopping basket that has so much room in it. The fact that this is removable means you can load it up with groceries while you are at the shops then pull it out and bring it inside to unload everything when you get home. It also appealed to me as it would easily fit a baby bag plus several shopping bags - meaning you have your hands free to push the pram and look after bub!
  • Bassinet - like the Bugaboo, the bassinet on the Joolz Geo comes with the pram and is really nice quality. The mattress is slightly wider than the Bugaboo and is lovely and thick. 
  • Adjustable seat height - the Joolz seat can be adjusted much higher than the Bugaboo, meaning you can move it up to table height which is so practical if you are out at dinner and want to be able to watch bub easily white you eat. 
  • Option to transform into a double stroller - this pram can be expanded later on to fit a second seat underneath the original seat, meaning you can use the pram as a double stroller which is just as compact as the single. I love this feature, and the Joolz has one of the best expandable options on the market - you can use it for two newborn's with two bassinets, one baby and one toddler or two toddlers. 
  • Stylish - as I mentioned earlier, this really is one of the most stylish prams you will come across. As a standard feature you receive quilted seat lining and double stitched leatherette handles, giving the pram a unique high-end look. 
  • Weight - at 13.3kg, the Joolz Geo is quite a bit heavier than other comparable prams, meaning it is also slightly harder to move around and harder to fold and lug in and out of the boot. 
  • Price - at $1,959 this pram is definitely one of the most expensive you will find. You will also have to fork out another $600 later on to transform the pram into a double stroller, taking the final price up to a crazy $2,600.

  • Although I absolutely loved the design of the Joolz, I couldn't bring myself to pay $2,600 for a pram when there were other cheaper (and very similar) options on the market. Which brings me to ...

Redsbaby is a relatively new brand, sold through an online store based in Australia. I first heard about it through a friend who mentioned it was a great pram at a really affordable price point. After checking out the website, I was almost instantly sold. Their top of the line model (the Jive) had all of the great features of the Bugaboo and Joolz models, yet was almost half the price of the Bugaboo and a third of the price of the Joolz.


  • Reclining seat - the seat is exactly what I was looking for, reclining back completely to allow your little one to sleep comfortably. 
  • Easy to fold and store - there are lots of unique features on Redsbaby prams which make them so easy to use. An example is the single button recline feature, which means all you have to do to recline the seat is pull down on a lever located at the back pocket of the seat. The pram also has a single frame lock release which can be operated with one hand - meaning you can open the pram up with the click of a button. Folding the pram is also easy and can be done with the seat attached - saving you precious boot space! 
  • Plenty of storage - the Jive comes with so much storage including a big shopping basket and storage pockets on the back and under the seat.
  • Option to transform into a double stroller - similar to the Joolz, this pram can be turned into a double stroller by purchasing an extension kit (which costs half the price of the Joolz)!
  • Price - at just $849, this stroller is really affordable, especially when you compare it to the Bugaboo and Joolz. You still get all of the great features of other high-end prams, at a much lower price point. 
  • Quality - just because this pram is cheaper, it doesn't mean that Redsbaby have skimped on quality. This pram is actually made in the same factory as the Joolz, and because it is designed in Australia it easily beats all of the safety standards. 
  • Design - the design is very similar to the Joolz, yet slightly smaller, meaning it is more compact while still looking stylish. It comes with standard leatherette handles, padded quilting and a range of sophisticated colours including light grey, khaki, black and navy.
  • Bassinet -  like the Bugaboo and Jive, you will receive the bassinet free when you purchase the stroller. 

  • Online - given the brand is only available to purchase online, you have to go with your gut and decide whether it is worth the risk purchasing a pram online that you have not tested yourself. Redsbaby have actually started doing regular demo days all over Australia, so if you allow yourself enough time, then you can sign up on their website and test the pram out at one of these demos before purchasing. If you purchase at a demo day, you also get free accessories which is a great offer, and one I wish I knew about before I ordered mine online!!
  • Limited shipments - Redsbaby only ship their prams at limited times throughout the year. The website will tell you when you can expect the next shipment, and this just means you have to get in early and commit a good four to six months before you are due to give birth if you want to be guaranteed to receive your pram in time. 
So what did I go with?

  • Even though I originally had my heart set on the Bugaboo, the benefits of the Redsbaby really outweighed every other option so we purchased the Jive. I've been using it now for two months and so far, so good. We are really happy with the design, how easy it is to open and close, how it fits nice and compactly in the boot of our Hyundai i30 and how gorgeous it looks. I receive compliments every day on what a beautiful-looking pram it is and the grey colour is perfect for our hot Australian Summer.  
  • I never knew how much I would love all the mesh opening compartments on the Jive until I started using it with Harper this Summer. On a pleasant day (or inside cafes and shopping centres I open up the two mesh compartments so Harper can watch the world go by and let the fresh air circulate. On hot days, I close up the mesh so it keeps Harper nice and secure. Pram pegs also fit perfectly on the top and sides of the Jive so you can clip on a muslin wrap if you prefer to cover your baby up when you are out and about. 
  • If you are due soon and need to order a pram I would highly recommend you have a look online at www.redsbaby.com.au and come along to a demo day! 
xx G