back to where it all began

A few weeks before our beautiful Harper Rose was born we did a maternity photoshoot in the Swan Valley with our wedding photographer, Jemma Keech.

I remember feeling heavily pregnant that day, it was literally the start of when my preeclampsia kicked in so my legs and ankles were swollen and I felt like a big, fat, frumpy mess! It was also a hard day for us as my husband's best friend had just passed away that week and our shoot was going to take place in the Swan Valley, at the same location we had taken wedding photos (his friend was in the bridal party) almost a year ago. 

I was so close to rescheduling the shoot, but we had planned it months prior so decided to just get it over and done with. 

Lucky I didn't reschedule, as I was hospitalised a few days after the shoot and gave birth to Harper not long after that!

I honestly can not thank Jemma enough for capturing these photos so perfectly. With everything going on, I didn't take many photos of my pregnancy in the later stages, so it means the world to us to have some candid shots to look back on and remember this special time. 

xx G

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