to the daddies

This post is for all the daddies out there, just doing the best for their families. 

For the working dads, the ones who are lucky to sneak in a quick cuddle with their kids before heading to work for the day. The ones who tiptoe into their kids bedrooms late at night when they finally arrive home and give them a kiss on the cheek before closing the door and letting them sleep for the night. 

For the dad's who work long, relentless hours yet still manage to help out around the house. We may moan when you tell us you will be home late from work (or footy training 😜) again, we may get grumpy when we have to do the dinner and bedtime routines by ourselves day in and day out and we may be so tired at the end of the day that you barely get a look in when you do arrive home. 

But please know we do appreciate you. SO much. We love how you are so dedicated to providing for us and we understand how hard it is for you to barely spend any time with your kids. We understand how many important things you miss, all the milestones, first words, giggles, play time. And we may not say it enough but we are so grateful for you. Thank you, a million times over. 

Dedicated to my husband, the best (and most hard working) daddy. We love you. 

Xx G

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