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We recently went on the most beautiful family getaway to Busselton, a little town two hours south of Perth.

Even though we were only away for a few days, it was the perfect amount of time to recharge and connect, all the while creating precious family memories.

Leaving early Friday night, I had packed a picnic dinner which we ate on the car ride down. We usually just get take away when we arrive, but I didn't know what the traffic would be like and I didn't want to keep Harper waiting too long for dinner! It worked out perfectly as by the time we arrived, Harper was overtired and grizzly so we quickly unpacked and then had an early night! All you other mama's will agree that there is nothing better than an early night!!

On Saturday we drove into Dunsborough for coffee and then went on a long walk by the beach and through the town centre. Dunsborough is a gorgeous little town full of organic cafes, beautiful boutiques and a weekend farmers market. After spending the morning there, we decided to drive through Yallingup and visit a few wineries. Our favourite wineries in the area are Aravina (more on that below), Sandalford, Swings & Roundabouts and Wills Domain.

We also visited the Margaret River Chocolate Factory and the Dairy Company - fun for kiddies to visit too!

In my opinion, Aravina is one of the best spots down south! It has a huge fenced in playground for the kids to run wild, a beautiful "cucina" where you can buy locally made fresh produce, a gourmet restaurant, cellar door with amazing wines, a gift shop (where I always manage to find something pretty for myself) and the most amazing vintage car display! The gardens are out-of-this-world pretty and my favourite time to visit is in Summer when the hydrangeas are blooming. Definitely worth a visit next time you are in the area.

After we had finished at Aravina, we drove to Bootleg Brewery for lunch - another family friendly hotspot with a playground and a huge pub-menu.

Finally after a long morning, we headed home for an afternoon at our hotel, where I relaxed in the bath while hubby took Harper for a swim in the pool. I made a grazing platter for dinner, with all the fresh produce we'd picked up that day and we watched a movie before another early night. Bliss!!

We usually head home early on Sunday but decided to go into Busselton for Sunday brunch instead. We then started the long drive home, stopping at Bunbury Farmer's Market on the way to do our weekly grocery shop. If you've never been to Bunbury Farmer's Market it's worth the drive. It is absolutely packed full of the most amazing fresh, local produce. You can buy everything from your fresh fruit and veggies, cheeses and desserts to gourmet meals, amazing meat, fish, chicken and homemade bread. All of their ready made meals and produce is actually made on the premises, all using local produce. I wish there was a store closer as I would shop here every week if I could.

All photos by me. Harper's hat and ruffle cardigan from Best & Less. Harper's broderie white top from Next. Harper's broderie ruffle bloomers from Country RoadMy hat $10 from Target. My dress from Dwell & Slumber. Matt's grey top from JeansWest

I always feel so refreshed after a weekend away. It's just so nice to spend quality time with Matt and Harper without being pulled away to clean the house, cook, pop out to visit family/friends etc. It always puts things into perspective and helps me to see how lucky I am to have a wonderful husband and daughter - family really is everything.

My top tips for road trips / weekend getaways with are a baby:

  • Plan to be on the road when bub would normally be sleeping - keeping them in routine will make the whole holiday easier
  • Bring lots of snacks for the road to avoid having to stop too much
  • Try and use nap times to go for walks or drive to your lunch destinations. We would always make sure we were driving during Harper's nap times as she sleeps really well in the car. This meant that we had to individually go into the cheese factory so one of us could watch Harper sleeping in the car, but at least she was well rested and happy when we go to lunch!
  • Break up the day with lots of play time for bub
  • Don't expect to do what you used to do before you had kids! Lower your expectations and just try to plan one thing into each day that you really want to do. When we used to vacation down south we would pack our days full with wineries, coffee, lunch and dinner out, with walks and shopping breaks in between. As much as we would love to spend the whole day out, it's just not feasible with a baby so as long as we have one meal out, we are happy to take it easy and go with the flow, fitting in activities around Harper's wake times.

If you know of any other great places to visit in the region I would love to know! We regularly holiday in Busselton so all tips would be greatly appreciated.

xx G

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