what harper wears ... spend vs save edition

I'm a firm believer in spending your money in some places and saving in others. When it comes to Harper's clothes, I do a bit of both.

Bow from eBay, cardigan from Best & Less, leggings from Country Road and mocs from Hello My Darling Boutique

Baby clothes can be SO expensive and yet our little ones grow so quickly. I choose to spend my money on pieces that will fit Harper for a long time and save on things that she will grow out of / wear out. 

I usually SPEND on leggings and rompers by purchasing a size larger. Given leggings are stretchy they can be worn both loose and tight, so I tend to get a lot of use out of these. My current favourite leggings and rompers to splurge on include:

Lulu and Milly Ballet Shoes Leggings - $32 (great quality and organic cotton material)
Country Road Gingham Leggings - $24.95 (so versatile and on-trend)
Mary Bobbin Folk Child Vintage Romper - $71.95 (currently on sale - this has an expandable waistline and four different strap length options so it literally grows with your baby)

I usually SAVE on tops and dresses, as I find I don't get the use out of these and Harper tends to grow out of tops quickly. Some of my favourite tops and dresses to save on include: 

Kmart Aqua Gingham Seersucker Gingham Dress - $10 (I tuck this into bloomers and use it as a top or put it over a pair of stockings)
Hello My Darling Fairy Tulle Flutter Top - $16 (currently on sale - perfect on its own for little babies otherwise pair it with bloomers, leggings or a tutu skirt)
Kmart Black Gingham Shirt Dress - $12 (so beautiful on and a transpersonal piece, I've added a vest and white tights for Winter but it looks equally as cute by itself with a pair of sandals)
Kmart Blue Stripe Seersucker Tank Top - $9 (not pictured as I just purchased this yesterday but another great top that would be cute tucked into bloomers or denim/white shorts)

What do you other mamas splurge and save on?

xx G

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  1. Harper is a fashion diva of kids. From her top to her shoes to hair band, everything is breathtaking. You do a lot of effort in her clothes, and it definitely will pay off.