what harper wears ... the headband edition

I get so many comments about Harper's wardrobe so I have decided to start a regular "what Harper wears" feature on the blog.

This week I am sharing my favourite stores to purchase beautiful headbands/turbans from. 

I have been a fan of Lulu and Milly for a long time now and their headbands are my absolute favourite on Harper. They are made from soft organic cotton here in Australia and come in a range of stunning plain and patterned fabrics. 

Mary Bobbin is another Australian label producing a range of ethically made beautiful headbands and head wraps. The headbands come with the softest nylon bands, perfect for tiny baby heads but stretchy enough to fit even an adult's head. My favourite Mary Bobbin headbands are the merino wool bows - they come in the prettiest assortment of shades!

I have recently started putting Harper in the most beautiful turbans from Little Maddies Boutique. Her turbans come in plain, patterned and textured fabrics but beware, they sell out SO quickly so if you like a certain pattern, make sure you order it as soon as the collection drops or you will miss out! 

Little Maddies Boutique Rose Gold Sequin Turban (sold out)

Because I love you all, I'll let you in on another secret - as soon as Harper was born I ordered a cheap pack of plain coloured stretchy bows with elastic bands from eBay. They cost $1 each and come in SO many colours - they are the perfect headbands for patterned outfits because they go with just about anything. My favourite and most-used colours have been the black, salmon pink (peachy nude) and rose (dusty pink)! Follow THIS link for the listing. 

eBay Black Headband

TIP: If you have a new baby girl, get her used to headbands right away. I have put a headband on Harper since she was a newborn (you can get super soft tiny headbands for new babies that are just beautiful) and she is so good and rarely pulls it off. If you are finding your baby is pulling their headbands off, try starting with a really soft thin elastic band (the Mary Bobbin ones are great) until they are used to the sensation of wearing something on their head - then you can move to thicker bands and turbans!

Let me know if you have any other favourite headband stores - a girl can never have too many!! ;)

xx G


  1. This is the cutest blog I have ever read today. It really made my day. Your daughter is really beautiful . She’s so adorable and I loved her dressing. May God bless her

  2. She is really cute. It's because you have a cool sense of style. Nice job.