throwback thursday ... those newborn days

This week my baby girl celebrated ten months of being here earthside with us. Seeing how much she has grown and how quickly she (and in turn life) changes got me all sentimental and thinking about those first few days when Harper was just a newborn.

You have probably read my birth story already (if not you can read it here) but what I didn't touch on was that first week following Harper's birth and probably because it went by in a crazy blur of late night nursing, visitors, and more visitors. But amongst all the chaos there were the beautiful moments, just the three of us, so in love and ready to take on this new stage of our lives. 

As Harper was born so early, she stayed in the nursery for the first night so she could be monitored and kept on a feeding tube. I remember at the time feeling so upset that my baby wasn't in my room with me for the first night of her life, but looking back now it was a major blessing in disguise. I was able to shower and have a great night sleep and then woke up the next day feeling fresh and so very excited to see my babe.

After Harper was released from the nursery we spent the rest of our days and nights in hospital going by the three hour rule - feeding, snuggling and then putting Harper down to sleep for three hours before waking her to complete the cycle once again. Amongst this we literally had over 50 people come to visit (I'm not even kidding) so time just flew.

Some of my favourite moments were seeing my husband hold Harper in his arms for the first time, the first time we bathed Harper and she completely relaxed in the water, watching her fall asleep so content after a big feed and then the best of all, bringing our tiny little bundle of love home. She was so small in her car seat and Matt was so scared driving home way under the speed limit. I remember having a moment where everything felt surreal and I just couldn't believe how lucky I was.

That newborn bubble is the most amazing place to be in, and while it didn't last long, I absolutely treasured every minute.

xx G

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  1. Aww, these newborns look so amazing and cute . I love the pictures of them and the story you have shared is amazing too. Locving your blog so much. Great share