no mess baby art!

If you’re anything like me and can’t stand the thought of cleaning paint off bub’s hands, body and the rest of the house then this activity will be perfect for you. 

All you need is some non toxic paint (not as vital in this situation as your baby isn’t actually touching the paint but I still like to use it just in case, a piece of card or a canvas and a large zip lock bag or any clear plastic bag/cellophane! You can also use some pretty decorative pieces to stick on to the art after it has dried. 

I wanted to display the art in our combined playroom/study so I chose some colours that complemented the theme in this room. You can also use your art for wrapping paper or cards so get creative and have fun with the activity. 

Sit your bub in their highchair and put a smock on them (just in case - I like to be extra prepared for the unexpected). Place your card on a clean surface and literally just put blobs of paint all over. You need at least eight blobs of paint for an A5 sized card (the size I used). Open up your zip lock bag and carefully place your card inside without smearing the paint. 

Once the card is sealed inside the zip lock bag place it on your baby’s highchair tray and show them how to use their fingers to smear the paint around the page. You can also give them a kids sized paintbrush and let them push the paintbrush down on the bag to smear the paint around. 

Harper flung the bag around and even threw it on the floor and the zip lock stayed shut so it’s pretty fool proof! 

After they have finished playing with the paint take the card out the bag and sprinkle on some glitter. After it has dried you can stick on some embellishments or let your toddler add on some stickers etc. 

I purchased the glitter, card and all my paint from Officeworks - they have a huge range of non toxic paint in their kids craft section. I think the flowers were from The Reject Shop but similar $2 stores also sell a huge range of stickers and cute scrapbooking bits and pieces which you can use for the same purpose. 

We are going to do some more painting for Christmas - I can’t wait to give our family their first homemade cards from Harper. Such a special bonding time with your little one and a perfect activity to do with all ages! 

Xx G

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