blogmas day four ... time for you

Around this time of year it's all to easy to forget about yourself and get caught up in a whirlwind of attending Christmas functions, buying and wrapping presents and decorating the house on top of all your usual mama duties!

It's all too easy to get burnt out and end up exhausted, sick and longing for the holiday season to finish. To make sure this doesn't happen, I always schedule in a few hours each week for me.

Some ideas to help ease that burden and make this busy time a little more relaxing include:

  • Taking a bath at the end of a long day - even better, buy yourself a Christmas scented bath bomb from Lush, pour yourself a glass of wine or cup of tea, crank the Christmas carols and try not to fall asleep!
  • Write lists and try to tick off one thing (and one thing only) each day. Year long I go by a weekly cleaning schedule, where each day I have one big cleaning task to do, plus my usual twenty minute tidy up to stay on top of the washing / dishwasher and floors. When it comes to busy times of the year, I like to write a list and fit this into my weekly schedule so I am only doing one or two tasks a day. It can get so overwhelming when you try and fit too much in and usually ends up with a grumpy, overtired household. 
  • Say no - don't try and over schedule your week and remember that you can say no to parties and catch ups if you have an extra busy week. 
  • Ask for help - one of my mama friends asked her husband to work from home for a day so she could go out on her own and finish all her Christmas shopping. Don't be scared to ask your partner or family/friends to help out by taking your little ones for the day. You will be a hundred times more proactive without a baby on your hip whinging to go home!

L-R: Luxury Lush Pud bath bomb from Lush, The Spirit of Christmas 2017 CD from Myer, Snowman Mug from Potterybarn 

What do you do to ensure the Christmas period doesn't get too crazy for your family?

xx G

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